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Avon, Connecticut

Avon Route Schedule:

Trash is collected EVERY WEEK (Click the button below to see route schedule).

Recycling is collected EVERY OTHER WEEK ON BLACK WEEKS (Click the button below to see recycling calendar).

Please place your toters at the curb the night prior to your collection.


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Waste Material Trucking Company provides both residential and commercial trash removal services in the town of Avon, CT. They have been working in the Farmington Valley for over 30 years and enjoy supporting community projects in the area. When Avon residents started to request that Waste Material Trucking Company provide services to their town, the company was proud to offer waste and recyclable collection to private customers.

Waste Material Trucking Company collects trash in Avon on a weekly basis and collects recyclables bi-weekly. There are no collections on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years Day when the holiday falls on a week day. Those holiday collections will be delayed by one day.

Trash must be put out by 8 am on your pickup day and placed at the curb. Please be sure your trash receptacle is 3 to 5 feet away from any obstacles such as your recycling containers, mailboxes, trees, etc. Any obstructions that block the truck’s access to your container may prevent the driver from emptying it.

The Avon Transfer Station functions in large part for disposal items and is home to several facilities designed to afford town residents a convenient way to dispose of waste, recyclables, and used goods in a way that greatly reduces the accumulations of non-recyclable trash. Trash disposal costs the town more and more every year, and we encourage everyone to recycle as much as possible to help preserve our environment and save our tax dollars. The links below will help you sort out disposables and guide you to the proper bins and containers, roughly in the order you encounter them driving into the Landfill.

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