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Company Bios

It’s fair to say that when a trash company can retain employees for as long as 59 years, the evidence of mutual trust and respect is clear. WMTC was one of the first family-owned trash companies in Connecticut to establish an employee benefits program. The program reflects the pride and gratitude that WMTC feels toward their employees.

“It’s an affirmation of our appreciation for the work they do to contribute to our legacy of service and our role as good corporate citizens,” says President Mark Zommer.

Mark Zommer, President

Mark leads the day-to-day business of Waste Material Trucking Company and is responsible for the success of route and administrative operations. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut in 1987, where he studied business and communications. After college, he joined the family business at an important juncture, just prior to statewide mandatory residential recycling. In 1989, he took the initiative in the town of Farmington to launch curbside recycling and found markets to purchase collected recyclables, before state mandates became official. In 2000, he stepped in to rescue the city of West Hartford when its hauler defaulted on its contract. He successfully fulfilled the subsequent contract with West Hartford which effectively doubled the size of the company during its eight year term. Mark has been instrumental in modernizing and formalizing the company’s workforce and workplace to keep pace with today’s high standards for environmental protection, roadway safety, and workplace safety. He stays current on industry trends, technologies, and products to provide WMTC’s customers with the best service possible.

Linda A. Zommer, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

Linda married Mike in 1959, and leads the financial management functions for Waste Material as she has since 1970. In the 1980’s, Linda was responsible for converting the company from paper to electronic customer data. In the 1990’s, she launched the first company website. She is the principal liaison between the company and its banking, lending, legal, and insurance advisors and provides 40 years of continuity and stability in these essential financial relationships.

Michael A. Zommer, Primary Owner

Born and raised in Plainville and a graduate of Goodwin Technical School, Mike took over WMTC with help from his mother, Helen Zommer, in the 1960’s and grew its footprint beyond Plainville to Farmington and Southington. He successfully bid on the Newington curbside waste contract in 1973 and fulfilled a 4-year contract term. He negotiated the first contract with the town of Farmington in 1972. WMTC enjoys 39 years of continuous service there based on a series of renegotiated contracts and consistently reliable value and service. Mike was a trustworthy advisor to town leaders throughout the area when central Connecticut’s landfills began closing in the 1980’s. For his exemplary leadership in small business and service to the town of Plainville, the Rotary Club awarded Mike with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Business. Today, Mike is primarily retired and continues to support the company in an advisory role.

Administration & Management Staff

In addition to the three principal officers, WMTC employs four people in administration and management and 16 salaried and hourly laborers who maintain trucks and operate routes.

Family member Maureen Zommer is a human resources leader who manages weekly payroll, monitors employee compliance programs, and keeps up-to-date on rapidly changing state and federal laws governing employee relations and safety standards.

Family member Michael W. Zommer, son of Maureen, holds a CDL and is Connecticut State Certified in Diesel Mechanics. This skill set gives WMTC new in-house capabilities in truck inspection, maintenance, and brake repairs.